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Bible believing, multi cultural church in Gravesend.

All sermons are preached directly from the word of God, to inspire, help and direct individuals. 

We host a variety of events, such as concerts, drama's and fun days as we want to serve and reach out to our community. You can find out when these events are happening on our events page.

Our church is open to all, so please feel free to come by we would love to see you!

Ps Ian & Patricia Wainaina

Pastor Ian and Patricia alongside their family took over the Gravesend Church in November 2022.

Prior to their pastoral change, they were missionaries in China for three years. They saw God move dynamically! They now bring their fire for God, love and service to the church of Gravesend. They have been faithfully serving and leading the church ever since. 

Senior Pastor

We are the Potters House Gravesend. We are apart of the Potters House Christian Fellowship Church, which was established and Pioneered by Pastor Wayman Mitchell.

Gravesend being a part of this great move of God was established much later in 2015 and have been thriving and growing ever since. 

We are a multi-cultural church, and we welcome all to join us for our Church services. We have Nursery and Kids facilities to aid you in being able to hear the word of God. 

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